Bien Dong Shipping Company

General Introduction


Bien Dong Shipping Company – a state owned enterprise, with Bien Dong as international trade name, belonging to VIETNAM NATIONAL SHIPPING LINES (VINALINES), was established in 1995. At present, Bien Dong is one of leading shipping companies in Viet Nam , owns and operates of various kinds of ship such as contaner vessels, general cargo vessels, bulk carriers and product oil tankers.

Container vessel fleet : Bien Dong currently owns and operates 8 vessels of eight–years–old average with total capacity over 5,000 TEUs. By the end of 20011, the lager capacity will be increased up to 9,000 TEUs and reached 15,000 TEUs by the 2015. For the past years, domestic market share and service quality have ranked Bien Dong as number one. In 2009, the Company tooks 25% of market share in 9 domestic shipping lines and approximately 28% market share among 17 international shipping carriers on Viet Nam–Thailand trade-lane.


Product tanker fleet : Bien Dong is owns 7–years–old average of 2 tankers with total tonnage of 100,000 DWT. As plan to 2015, both of crude oil and product oil tankers fleet will be increased to 250,000 DWT. All the tankers are operating word-wide and satisfying most of Oil Marior requirements in the world.


Bulk carrier and general cargo vessel fleet : The Company is managing and operating all of own general cargo vessels and bulk carriers such as Handysize and Panamax with total tonnage of 150,000 DWT at the beggining of 2008.

At present: Bien Dong Shipping Company is operating in the form of parent – subsidiary companies with two companies voting share over 50% held by Bien Dong as Bien Dong Logictic and Viship.Bien Dong also joint with 10% - 30% stock coverting on other scales such as container depots/terminals,  freight forwarding and warehousing...

BIEN DONG vision:
- To serve the best all the container shipping demands within Asia.
- To open opportunities of cooperation or/and joint-venture with partners all over the world in all related maritime fields containing: ocean freight, freight forwarding services, investment and exploitation on port facilities, warehouses and other services in Vietnam.


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