Dinhvu Port is continuously ranked in Vietnam�s Top 50 performing companies

On June 17, 2014, in the morning, at the Theatre of Ho Chi Minh city, it has been aimed at searching & ranking the listed companies gaining giant achievements in businesses shown by basic financial indices, promoting companies having good strategy & business administration in order for companies to gain sustainable growth, Nhip Cau Dau Tu (Investment bridge) magazine in combination with Thien Viet Securities Company held an announcing ceremony of Vietnam’s top 50 performing companies 2014 (Top 50). This is an annual ranking & specialized survey on companies thirdly organized in order to search for the top 50 performing companies on Vietnam’s securities market

Strong & restricted points in business model, methods of business administration, vision of business leaders in three years 2011-2013 have been assessed in this survey. Survey council had collected data from reports on finance of listed companies on the HOSE & HNX and selected companies satisfying conditions: (1) listed company with capitalized value from VND500 billion or more (fixed until the end of previous fiscal year); (2) revenue in three consecutive years before survey year from VND200 billion/year or more; (3) profit revenue in three consecutive years before survey year from VND20 billion/year or more.


The “Top 50” method of survey is referred to the international enterprise ranking lists such as “Bloomberg Businessweek 50” by Bloomberg Business week magazine (US), “Fortune 500” by Fortune magazine (US), assessing methods of business strategy McKinsey and documents of strategical analysis of Harvard Business Review. Therefrom, consulting council selected and established items to be surveyed for Top 50 most appropriate for Vietnamese enterprises’ economic status, standards of audit and particularities


“Survey Council” has ranked companies according to three criteria: 1) growth in revenue; 2) average ROE in three years; 3) average ROC in three years by point of these three criteria according to rank from 1 to the highest (equal to the quantity of company in every sector group). Thereafter, such point would be multiplied by following proportion to make the total point: 45% for revenue growth; 30% for ROE; 25% for ROC. Company having the lowest point would be the highest rank.


This is the second consecutive time tha Dinhvu Port Development & Investment JSC has been ranked in Vietnam’s Top 50 performing companies


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